We understand that everyone one has their own requirement based on size, color quality or pattern.

We offer custom designing according to your requirement, there are few basic steps involved in the whole process:

  • Provide your design/ picture or idea.
  • Size you need
  • Based on your picture, we will give you a basic idea about how much time will it take to deliver the order.
  • Normally it takes 10-15 days in designing and wool dying.
  • Once designing is done we will send you a picture showing how your rug going to look.
  • Once you approve the design, it will go in to wool dying, stencil work and final production.
  • We will also send you swatches to approve the color and quality.
  • The whole process can take 15 days to 45 days depends on the design and approval process.

For more information on custom order, please email us directly with subject line "custom development" on tulipfiesta@gmail.com

Example of one of our work:

Actual picture provided by customer:



Customer Pics

After Computer Designing:


Final Production: